Wednesday, April 24, 2013

TED talk School Kills Creativity

In the TED talk “School Kills Creativity” given by Ken Robinson presenting the idea that the human imagination is a gift and we need to use it wisely.  Ken did an amazing job of linking his points all together to show the listener how he got to the conclusion that he did. He did this by telling stories, stating facts and giving personal experiences. The point was made that in today’s society we are teaching kids that mistakes are the worst possible thing, and we are growing them out of creativity. This is so easily represented in so many societies for instance, in todays public schools you will see that the Arts are the lease regarded course, we are truly growing children out of their creativity so that they can be just like everyone else and become “University Professors” and live inside their head.  Creativity is the process of having original ideas, and we are losing that quality in coming generations  

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